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If you're wondering if chiropractic can help your condition, call the clinic for a FREE CONSULTATION. There is no cost or obligation and it can be done right on the phone. If we can't help you...we'll refer you to another specialist in your area!

 PrairieView Chiropractic Center

* Welcome to Our WebSite: A message from the doctor.

We're excited to provide this added service to our patients, and those looking for information about chiropractic care. Send us a note and let us know what you think. If you have suggestions, we'd sure like to hear them!

* Questions and Answers

This link will take you to our "question & answer" page. Even those folks that have used chiropractic in the past will want to check out this information. Let us know if you have a question to add... just use the e-mail link above.

* Clinic Services: What exactly do we offer?

Ok, you're considering chiropractic care, but you're not sure what we can do for you. Check out this link for some information about the services we provide.

* About Our Clinic: Why Choose PrairieView Chiropractic?

Here is our chance to pat ourselves on the back! Well, at least just a little bit. Check out this link if you're wondering which office is right for you.

* Research: What the Medical experts are saying...

So, you want the facts? Check out just a sampling of the research done by the medical community regarding chiropractic treatment.

* Help: I need relief...right now!

If you're currently a patient and just can't wait until your appointment, check out this link for some tips on getting relief from your pain. You'll also find home care instructions with helpful tips to speed your recovery... and help you stay healthy, too!

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